Kamryn's adorable feet

I visited Joy and her beautiful newborn Kamryn yesterday! This little girl is intoxicatingly cute. At 7 days old, she has a full head of thick black hair, an even fuller set of sweet expressions and michael jordan sized feet!
stop with the flashing lights
adorable feet
not-so-tiny toes
the nursery
Isn't this nursery sooooooooooo amazingly decorated? It makes me want to paint big chucks of color on my office walls. I was so impressed with how quickly they put this room together, since they just moved and Joy was 12 months pregnant when all the painting and such was happening. It is a fantastically precious room for a child, full of love and gifts from many family and friends, so happy that she has been born healthy. Kamryn is a lucky little girl. Especially because she has a new Aunt Danielle who is going to spoil her rotten (and take way too many pictures of her).