beautiful Reana

blue scarf
a year ago, exactly, i took photos of my friend Reana. I was just starting out with my new camera and studio lighting, and had many ideas and thoughts. She was my first official paying portrait session and the photos did turn out great I thought at the time. What a difference a year can make. Look what we came up with just this Thursday afternoon.
the sundance catalog look
beautifully natural smile
Reana is the prepared type. She had her makeup professionally done (using smashbox photo finish foundation primer, which i suggest to all adults) including a few eyelashes added to the ends. She shopped for a fedora and suspenders - and brought two different kinds, just to make sure we got the shot she wanted (more is better than less, in this case). I asked her to bring a blue scarf, she brought 4. sexy suspenders
dramatic hat
blue scarf again