celebrity Blogger

me, photographed by Dawn
unbeknownst to me, i am famous. or my blog is.
this was my discovery Saturday night at Dawn's annual 'just because' party. in between the chocolate cheesecake and vegan pumpkin bread and wine, as guests joined round the table of heaping baked goods, fruit & cheese, marthastewartrecipe this & that - and as my photos were being passed around, i heard "ohhhh, so that blog is YOURS???". "Hmmmm, wow, that's interesting." That's flattering, right? That people I don't know - know my words and my visual stories. These unbelieveably cute people, cool, hip people, knew of the greensboro shoot, the babies by name, Marvin... Cool. So. here you go, you model-like-friends-o-Dawn, here are my photos from her party.
Dawn last night, trying to put up food, and this morning, hanging with Eisenhower.dawn laughs at herself & pjs
Eisenhower, who generally ignores my existence - unless I have cheese or am rolling this ball.
eisenhower fetches
Fabulous party decorations and decor. Two goldfish (because they matched the ribbon from the invitations) named code blue and Baxter, and the votives, that almost caught her new entertainment center aflame. The guestroom. party decor
guest room
buchanan family photo
one thing is for sure - i must start having parties. I need fish in a pottery barn glass urn. baby blue is a really great wall color. my striped socks (a gift from reana) are really cute. i should wear my hair straight more often. dawn is a wonderful friend. ok one thing plus, 5 things. thanks Dawn, GREAT party.