Patterson's Mill Country Store

Photographers must improvise. For example, if you want pumpkin patch photos, but there are NO pumpkins left, and the patches are dried up, and you must find a fallish looking cool place, search for a country store, or farm or pasture. Corey and her two children met me at Patterson's Mill Country Store - located on Farrington Road in Chapel Hill, for some fallish photos. I LOVE the orange and brown plaid in their outfits, so YUMMY. under the cart
feeding horse

Elsie, the owner, encourages people to stop by for penny candy and a coke! She was just delightful, with many heartfelt warm stories to tell, sitting on the overcrowded-with-stuff porch in her 1900s dental chair (which totally scared me). Walker got to feed two sweet horses, which made her happy; Baby B basically crawled all over the place, ruining his new pants which were so adorable, making him happy and his mom, not so happy. AND they both posed amongst the antiques and vibrant signage, which made me happy, and made for great "fall photos" - pumpkin free.goody porch!
smiling happy kids