thank you Joanna and Corey

while i am enjoying my very large hot cocoa with whipped cream, i must blog about two very wonderful presents. First, the very cup from which i'm sipping my hot cocoa, was given to me by my dear friend Joanna, just one of the many items in a fall/fumpkin care-package-o-goodies. It came with a handmade card, pumpkin lip gloss, pumpkin shower stuff, candy corn (which were immediately inhaled) and a photo album. So fall. So appreciated.
Second, the beautiful rosette cake stand was given to me by Corey, who I absolutely love for too many reasons to write, but in this case, I had mentioned to her in passing that I had drooled over a white cake plate (but wouldn't spend the $14.95 at Homegoods) - (mostly because I don't bake...) So the next day, she had the exact one, wrapped in fabulous red packaging, just for me. Just like that. Thank you both.