Furniture Photographer

Wednesday, I got to photograph the Anka high chair for Scandinavian Child - the baby furniture company. The images are going to be used on the package. Anka is the sister company to Svan who makes the super high-end high chair I shot several months back. Shooting furniture is simple when you are only lighting and positioning the product. Basically, I just ensure that the product and floor are perfectly clean and the lighting shows the features without glare or shadows. But the client wanted a happy baby for this package - so FOUR different babies came to the studio, which made for a full day of shooting! The first baby, Alex, was SUCH a sweetie - I LOVED him and his giggly self. He sat in the chair and grinned and laughed and stared at the lights. baby model
Hannah was our second baby model, and she absolutely cracked me up with all her zany expressions and cooing. Hannah's mom once worked for Scandinavian Child, and was super familiar with the product. baby model
Elijah, the third baby model, was soooooooo yummy and sweet (except he kept kicking off his right shoe) and his mom was the coolest EVER (if I ever become a mom, i hope to be half that hip). This is the shot chosen for the package! Yea for Eli. shot for package
Ellie, our oldest model, was actually a toddler, but tiny enough to fit in the chair. She was adorable, with blond pigtails and big blue eyes. Pictured below is the before shot showing her dad fixing her hair and the product manager, Georgina, putting on her shoes. I love her orange dress. behind the scenes
AND, the supercool shoes shown in all four photos are from Vincent shoes. Vincent is run by Christer, the husband of Brenda, the owner of Scandinavian child. My faves, are the orange shoes worn by Eli. And oh lord, check out these boots I just found on the Vincent site. Tragically Cute. vincent boots