how now brown cow

While going through some memorabilia cleaning out the attic and office, I found a journal that I kept while attending the nc school of the arts. I write about this class i was taking; where among other artsy-type things, we were being taught the correct way to annunciate. I worked and worked but alas never completely lost MY southern fried accent. what did I learn? Cow isn't supposed to be two syllables.pre-stampede
are you checkin' out my ass?
black cow.
It makes me wonder why i even like cows. Why are some aspects of my country living past, i try so hard to get beyond (accent) - while I long to find more of other things for my life? Like winding roads with lots of trees and hay barns. I want one. A big red one with sheds on each side and a center opening for A tractor. Or a big green barn, like this (perhaps not so dilapidated) cow grazing in front of green barn
My mom once had a pet cow. Lucky.
And gardens. I would like a garden next year. Not one so large that I have to tend it daily (like my dad grew). His had 3 parts, 1. only salad type veggies next to the house, 2. the viney veggies, next to the carport/shed, 3. a HUGE rows-after-rows of green beans, potato hills, 13 kinds of peas and corn in the backyard. I want a pretty one. Simple - with just a few tomato plants, some salad greens, red and yellow peppers, spring onions, canteloupe and maybe ocra. I just need to plant several plants - since the plant only produces one spear at a time (a lesson i learned in Raleigh).