molly and dawn

molly (right) and dawn (left), two of my dearest friends from our highschool days, made a visit to me last week. Molly was the sweetest of my friends, never one to gossip, always one to lend a helping hand; Dawn was my church-going, never-cussing, not sure why you are my friend, friend - who I just adored then, and still do. Seeing them, now in our young 30s, reminded me of the days when we had bouffant hair featuring bangs and blown-out wings and thought tucking our tapered leg jeans into our socks was a GOOD idea. AHhh. Yes. So, the three of us caught up over coffee and a way-too-large brunch at Elmo's diner - then headed back to my home studio where I snapped a few photos of newly married Molly and miss Dawn. Good times.smiling molly
dawn's funny smile