cutest possible smile

me, my new 5D, my morning diet coke, and marvin have made this Wednesday morning fun. While TRYING to photograph my iTouch for the blog - Marvin kept grunting at me - to pet him. Then, he did THIS. whippet teeth It was like he was pleading with me, with his cutest possible smile. So, here it is, the iTouch. With this very blog on the left and my etsy site on the right. HOW freakin cool is that??? I adore technology. AND I adore Apple. iTouch sites My justification for this purchase is for the convenience and portability of my photography portfolio (not that I need a reason to buy myself yummy electronics) but, say for example I run into a nice man at Harris Teeter. This man has a pomeranian in his grocery cart (yes, this is in Chapel Hill). The pomeranian we can call "Barbie" or maybe "ZZa ZZa". I know this person is an excellent candidate for NEEDING pet portraits, so i can whip out my iTouch, and BAM! flip to this photo of Jessie, and say "hello, my name is Danielle, and I would LOVE to take photographs of your beautiful little dog". genius.floral jessie