Valentine's Day socks

So I am slammed right now (mom, that means 'really busy'), the Charlotte magazine is due in three weeks. I am laying out kid birthday parties, preschool profiles, placing ads that Corey (the publisher/editor) has beautifully designed AND photographing a few items here and there (as needed, no cover for me this year...) BUT Corey won't let me blog any of the pages -- sorry-- so I can't show you what I have been doing for the past 6 weeks...
And my personal life is a true rollercoaster! We sold our house (check off number 36 on my life goals) in exactly one month. AND i found myself an antique TUFTED couch, so I have also completed my #41 goal. I actually GOT a loveseat AND couch AND a wingback chair (on - i will eventually recover all three. I wanted to show them off - what better way than to get my lovely dogs to pose? Here's Marvin on the couch (NOTE: my fabulous Valentine's Day socks) and jessie and the loveseat.
jessie on loveseat