1 year birthday photos

laughing babyLittle teeny-tiny baby Abby has turned one. And she is as delicious as ever. She came into the studio this Saturday and we shot 6 outfits! She was so patient even though I am not sure she enjoys the flash - she flenches each time the strobes pop, but then just goes back to laughing and smiling and clapping. I just love her new teeth and her little hands. Seriously, she is so cute in her official birthday garb.
official birthday outfit
beautiful mom
colorful book
Abby's grandmother made this amazing outfit - the top features orange buttons with orange tulips. It was probably the most adorable handmade ensemble I have ever seen. I think only owls would have made it cuter. homemade outfit
I also loved this pink plaid jumper (I asked her mom to bring some of Abby's favorite toys, this one had no name).
plaid jumperbaby foot