new (old) home for me - Update!

UPDATE #1: I wanted to show my orange bird decal I put in the window - and a closer view of the piece of butterfly/number assemblage art beside the window:
orange blind, orange bird
UPDATE #2: My new office ~ I love the color. It was already painted this fantastic green (very similar to my old office) so I am leaving it as is. Check out my fabulous owl decal AND bernice the owl who hangs out inside the lowercase D: my office
ORIGINAL POST: It's Sunday, noon and I am still sporting my pajamas although I have been up for nearly 4 hours, priming the hall walls, straightening the house (an every sunday thing), washing clothes, thinking about bathing Marvin, drinking coffee and editing this weeks baby photographs. Also, I reviewed my newest set of green kitchen paint swatches, these are more yellowy-green (unforunately nearing the neon category), and now I think that I might end up with a red or tan kitchen. Hmmmm. But, one room that is done is the guest bath. Here is the before and after shot. guest bathroom
I just met my new neighbor John, who is married to Eileen, who trains a group of first time runners to run a 5K. I think God is telling me that NOW is the time to learn how to run. My other next door neighbor, Scott is a carpenter/do-it-himselfer, and building a two story outdoor studio for his mom. How COOL.