sophia, baby Model extraodinaire

Baby Sophia came to my studio - to help me with my Baby Mo' & Friends baby blanket project. For barely over 6 months old, Sophia has been "modeling" for practically her entire life. You may recognize her from my Christmas card or the Scandinavian Child product shoots (the lillebaby baby carrier and the Svan bouncer blogged here: ). The bouncer is the coolest contraption like it that I have seen, because it has three cool toys that dangle from the top. happy and not-so-happy
I heard a rumor that miss Sophia is going to model the newest Svan high chair later this summer. She did an excellent job for me, and I totally appreciate it - so, Thanks (mom) Georgina!
foot detail with logo
I just adore this pink dress. I totally look forward to having my own baby - because part of the super fun of having a baby girl would be buying oodles of dresses. Check out Sophia discovering her right hand. How cute (almost as cute as the hat)!