family style!

So, I am not a huge fan of the posed, family style portrait - you know where the creepy old photographer poses each brother or sister's head with a slight tilt, and everyone fake smiles and sits all stiff... B O R I N G. Now, I agree that having everyone match is a good idea - because if your family is anything like mine - someone (the flamboyant cousin in my case) will wear REALLY 'creative' pants - or a tee shirt that says "I love walmart", etc. So, white button up shirts and jeans are always a safe choice. ANYWHO, here is my friend Darby's family. Unposed. Fantastic.
family photographer
family portrait
I totally want to adopt Darby's family: They literally ALL showed up with a starbucks! Darby (in the center) had a venti frappicino (venti meaning the bigass version) My kind of family! starbucks ad