REBLOG - I was wrong. (but vote just in case)

Baby Tessie and Baby Bennett grow up: REBLOG:
Corey (Bennett's mom, Friend of Tessie's mom) told me that I am BLOGGING THE WRONG PHOTOS. Not the bestest, most cutest, the most yummiest ones. SO, I can admit that I was/might be wrong. So, to remedy the situation, I will let the viewers tell me, Here is TAKE two. You vote, let me know if these images are "better" than the ones I first posted! No hurt feelings, I promise.
gingham hat
on svan scooter
holding flower
flower picker
now, for Bennett's new and improved photos.
blanket layer
upside down giggle
walking Baby
turned around
smiling B

Original Blog Entry below. PLEASE Folks, you tell me, did I post the wrong photos?p.s. I am TOTALLY fine with being w r o n g.

So, if you have read my blog for any time at all, you know Baby Bennett and little Tess. They are bestest friends and I photographed the two of them last week. I love love love this image of Tess, sitting with my monkey George, her little pigtails are DARLING.
tess and georgepigtails
cowboy hat and ballet slippers
eating cheerios
and look how much Bennett has grown. The first time I photographed him, he couldnt hold his head up by himself. Now, he carries on full conversations and smiles on command. it is just nuts! In the first series of photos, i needed him to "model" the blanket for me... He is such a little man now. What a doll.blanket model
with mom!
cool little boy