the magazine is here!!!

The spring issue of Charlotte Baby & Child has been distributed! You can pick one up in several stores including Bellini, Beaux Belly, Pigtails & Crewcuts and Hearthbound Photography. This year, Corey decided to expand from one magazine per year - to two! The fall issue will be out in October. This issue IS really awesome (and I'm not saying that just because I designed it or because my photography is featured in a six page spread - Bennett's 2 year birthday party, pictured below). opening spread
second spread
third spread
Corey and I worked our buns off making this issue as eye-pleasing as possible - she is such a great designer herself. There are several pages that I love. AND My dear friend Tonya Harrington wrote two articles for us. Thanks, Tonya, your article on BPA helped me understand why certain plastics are bad (for both me and the environment) and what to do/buy instead. This is the masthead, note Tonya is the first "contributing writer" in the list and check out my SUPERSTRAIGHT hair in the photo.
Art Director, Danielle Anthony. Contributing writer, Tonya Harrington
And one last photo for today. Here is the actual magazine hanging out with my new self-promotions. I call them accordian-fold-fabulous!

Congratulations to Fletcher (& his dirty butt) for getting published! As pictured on page 125 of Charlotte Baby & Child Magazine. famously dirty butt