Carter, no longer a baby, but old man.

laughing baby photo This is Carter. Until now, referred to as "Baby C". How could something so tiny and fragile, now be so NOT a baby in just 5 months? It is amazing to me, that just a few months ago this little boy could NOT walk or talk and had ZERO teeth. Now, he has a personality, a vocabulary, a fierce desire for veggie sticks and Cheerios, weird agility, and a mouth full of tiny little teeth. AND FUNNY. He makes this hard to describe face when smelling a flower: kinda like if you were to smell rotten milk and then said outloud "ewwwwwwwwwwwwhhh" - but he just makes the face. Then licks the flower. Something a baby would NEVER do. flower licker
photo with three toy trucks
flower picker
This hat (and outfit) make Carter look like a little old man. 6 months ago, he could barely sit up, now he is an adorable, sweet, pinch-your-cheeks, wish-you-were-my-own, laughing little old man.
adorable hat