kids of my friends

When I shoot in Charlotte (for the magazine, or just for fun) I always stay with my highschool best friend, Tonya and her family. She is a super cook, her husband is a likeminded geeky computer person like me, so we always have a TON to talk about - and they have really good TV. This past trip, we watched three episodes of "So you think you can dance". to pay them for their hospitality, i always take photos of their little ones - who are HILARIOUS. This is Jack - as we were jumping on his mommas bed...smiling jackI also got to visit (finally) the home of my supercool friend Joanna. She welcomed me and Tonya's family over for drinks - and the kids threw a concert for with instruments I didn't get a shot of Fletcher playing an instrument because he was the singer, but check out his awesome Fisher Price camera.fletcher's cameraAfter three beers, I took my camera into the bathroom with me. I do this from time to time. Stop lauging. Here is my self portrait paired with an awesome vintage painting found in Joannas half bath. why do I do this?