the chosen images

svan rideon toyJust posting a few of the "chosen" images from my Dwell/Scandinavian Child photoshoot. This house was built for the magazine that I love to stalk, Dwell. The day of the shoot I felt almost like my dream was REALLY happening - shooting for my favorite modern (super) high end magazine. Almost. It won't be until DWELL hires me that I will break open a bottle of champagne, but, it is a step in the right direction. OK, so You may recognize these products: Svan high chairs and scooters.

I decided to start logo-ing all my images. I need to do this mostly for branding. Also, it discourages folks from taking my images without my permission (I assume people do not know it is illegal to save one of my blogged images and then print it, but it is).love this
Here are just a few more that I love.svan furniture
Svan child furniture
Cheereos and the Svan Highchair