my fabulous cousin Todd

Todd said, take my picture, like this
I am wideass awake and feel like plastering dozens of goofy photos of my cousin Todd on my blog (I took a nap at 6pm today; Got up at 9:45pm.). So last Friday we had an official headshot portrait session (for his amazing new faculty position at the University of Nevada), but THAT kind of seriousness led to foolishness pretty quickly.
ready to jump
laughter is the best medicine. next to vodka.
The headshot he chose. So professional...
official headshot
Here is Todd demonstrating how he used to "do the UNC weather show", as he used to do (many many years ago) Love the camo. So Wilkes County.
heavy clouds predict rain as the Old Well has dried up
I LOVE you Todd! You're my favorite. I adore this photo of you and Jessie. So cute. And so out of focus...
camera hog