Interior Photography - Residential

I am trying to improve my interior photography skills - it seems pretty easy, but it actually is much harder than photographing babies or couples or even tennis shoes (those are easy, actually). So, here is my pal Rebecca's new house. So artistic! The dining area: dining areaHer studio/office area:cool suitcase
Her kickass green living room. I adore this rabbit. Think she will give it to me?

This is my friend Corey's new nursery. Decorated to look like an underwater world, the room is enveloped in a greenish blue mural, filled with sea creatures and mermaids. I took these nursery photos for Charlotte Baby & Child magazine which should be out ANY DAY NOW. lamp
luxurious bedding
Corey FramedLook at this amazing chandelier (and crib and bedding...)nursery overview photographI never did ask Corey WHO or What this character is - he resembles Jesus I think. Odd nursery choice. mermaid man king type characterThis is kinda interesting. The editor chooses the images for the magazine. Here is the final layout.published interior photography