food and new york city

While in New York City, I ate. A L O T.
Friday, I visited Tabla, a fabulous indian restaraunt on Madison Ave.My friend Jerry is the Tabla pastry sous-chef which, turns out, is a big deal - meaning we were treated like Kings during dinner. The downstairs bread bar was full, so we ate in the upper dining room - which was unfortunately too nice for my camera and large flash. So I have no proof of the tasty peppered shrimp, naan, kulcha, pineapple/custard and crabcake fantasticness. Saturday night, Alex and I attended an underground dinner party in Brooklyn. Sara, (an amazing chef) had 12 house guests for a several-course meal that was delicious.a real bakermenuWe started with a rum cider (which was not my favorite, since I do not love rum). This cauliflowerish soup concoction was so good. Then we had a puffed corn carrot thing that came on a skewer, but I totally forgot to take a photo of it...beautiful soupMy favorite part of the meal was this salad: beet, tangerine and goat cheese. SO good. I could have eaten three. But then I would have embarrassed myself and my friend Alex who was kind enough to score us tickets to this fancy shindig. beet, tangerine and goat cheese saladServed next, was rabbit stew (which I ate but kept envisioning baby cottontails jumping over my fence, playing in my rosemary garden, so I felt really guilty). The dessert was carrot cake that was so smooth and delicious and perfect. The folks at my table were so interesting and well-read. They gave me great advice on where eat,visit,stay in Greece! my carrot cake.Sunday afternoon, Alex and I ate at a Peruvian restaurant near her house in Queens. I ordered a potroast of sorts and she had a steak & onion dish that was covered in a green hot sauce. So the photo is kinda gross, but the food was hot and comforting. meals.