Birth Photography

baby boyLast year, I created a life-goals list; the things I really want to do/see/accomplish while I am alive. Happily, around 3:30 am Monday morning, I completed Goal #27: To Photograph a Birth.laborseconds after being bornbaby boy williamsIt was amazing. Mel called me around 1am - saying they were headed to the hospital, and that Corey felt that IT would not be long (and I've seen TV shows where sometimes it takes hours for labor, and pushing, but her last baby was born in two hours and just a few pushes... so, I hauled tail immediately to the hospital). I thought I might get queasy or faint. But not at all. Having photographed a child only seconds after being born, I just feel such appreciation for life. And love. And family. The experience shifted something inside me. Corey said, when she held him, "I love you Instantly, my little boy, I love you".proud fatherEven though I have known Corey for YEARS, and photographed her other children, I felt so close to her, like a sister. And kind of proud to be the visual communicator to their friends and family (by posting images to facebook within two hours of his birth)- who were clearly excited for them as well. Thank you for letting me be a tiny part of your life.Congratulations to the entire Williams family.