rock star portraits

Emily, with sunglassesThis is Emily. She is the cool budding photographer that I will be mentoring this upcoming school year. (I hate that I am actually old enough to mentor someone...) I thought it would be helpful for her to have a photoshoot; so she could see me in action, ask questions, and get some cool images of her and her friends. Unbeknownst to me, Emily's mom took pictures of me taking photos of the girls. Until I saw the photographs, I had no idea how often I lay on the ground, squat down, arch backwards, and otherwize look completely goofy with a camera in hand. I've never been able to see what other people see during a photoshoot - so I thought you guys might enjoy seeing what I look like taking the shot (on left) versus the actual shot (on right). Click to enlarge. truckrockstarsin town portrait