Julie & Mike, engaged

engaged and kissing
I met Julie my second or third day in Oregon. At a dinner party. And she was polite and friendly, like a new stranger should be. Then I met Mike. And he was perfectly nice as well. THEN, I witnessed the two of them together, and (I mean this in the nicest of ways) they kinda grossed me out.

This couple kisses ALOT. and hugs. And gazes lovingly into each others eyes (over french fries and ketchup) as if no other humans are around. My momma taught me not to stare, but I found myself unable to turn my eyes away from their public display of affection, and I admit I felt a bit envious of their completely evident love. AH LOVE. (Insert photo here because not everyone wants to read your stories, danielle)
mike plays the guitar, julie the violinI kinda stuck my foot in my mouth about a month ago, (after one or three cocktails at my Birthday Celebration), when they were smooching at the table and I said "OK YOU TWO, whaaaaaaaaaat is the deal with all your kissing? I mean, am I supposed to turn away, or do you want everyone to watch?" silence. laughter. the whole table cracked up at my self -appointed voice of reason. Julie's answer warmed my heart when she said that she had N E V E R felt for anyone like how she does for Mike, and that when they lock eyes, they feel completely alone and happy. Which is Sweet. And Admirable. Then I felt bad and asked if they wanted me to shoot their wedding. And they did!!!

under a wise treeThe conversation made me think about how concerned I tend to be with my public smooching and hugging. I mean, I love Dan; I want the whole world to know... So, I made the decision right then and there to hold hands, kiss, giggle and stare longingly into Dans eyes WHENEVER I felt like it, from that point forward. doorway smoochersI am so happy for Mike and Julie. And I am happy they trust me to photograph their wedding. Where kissing, dancing and smooching of all sorts is totally allowed!