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pet portrait with bandana, studioLast week I got a email from Carolina Manufacturing, a company who manufactures a pink bandana shown on this puppy weimaraner - which is a little nuts, because the photo is almost four years old... The marketing folks had randomly found it on Flickr and wanted to feature the image in their newest product catalog. This photo below was actually my favorite of that puppy session.outdoor dog portraitI considered being a pet photographer for about three months, but quickly realized that babies were easier for me. HOWEVER, I really want to photograph a Great Dane with a baby, and an English Bulldog with a toddler, so if you have that one of those combinations, please email me.
I used a different pink bandana in this photo, and I am not sure if it is the same manufacturer or not. This spaniel was so excited by the whole pet portrait process that her moms tight leg hold was needed to disable her from wiggling away...cocker spaniel portrait with bandana