TWO guilty dogs

wanting Dan's attentionSince Dan's lab Samson has come to live with us, I have been battling with two misbehaving dogs. I just walked into the bedroom to find Marvin drinking my caramel truffle coffee on the nightstand - gross. Yesterday, Dan was welcomed home with a destroyed kitchen: apparently, Marvin jumped into the sink and shared those goodies with Samson. Also, a whole wheat bread carcass was on the floor, so an ENTIRE loaf of bread was consumed (we assume Samson actually ate the bread, but Marvin pushed it down to the floor for him).

Marvin has taken to peeing one inch away from Dan's guitar cases EVERY time we leave him. BUT if we (remember to) shut the bedroom door, (so he can't see the instruments), no peeing occurs. Instead, he poops adjacent to our music collection.

Samson's only really annoying trait is that he will plow your ass over if you stand between him and food, so after faceplanting once, I learned to just move aside. Currently, I am searching online for protective Whippet football gear for Marvin, as he continues to get bruised by a big brown linebacker K9. OK, one more annoying truth. Samson has humped holes into Marvin's beautiful argyle sweater. Proof of the bad doing. I seriously need Ceasar Milan.