Julie & Mike's winter wedding

bride and groom, before the weddingLast Monday was a day of firsts: I photographed my first Oregon wedding & first reception held in a barn. It was also my first time being part of a Quaker wedding ceremony! barn viewMike and Julie have both worn rings since their engagement. The rings below are the family rings: during the ceremony the two children were given rings to wear as necklaces. wedding rings I took the photograph below on the front porch, as Julie's girlfriends were leaving to get Julie to the Church on time. I love the photo because of the variety of ladies shoes, how Julie's mom is looking at me, and how Grace is looking at Julie's shoes!shoesAnd of course, I have several photos of this newly married couple kissing... If you remember, they are the couple that kissed pretty much the entire engagement photo shoot! They were so sweet to each other (and to me) the day of the wedding. Here are a few people photos. Including the band, which included Dan, on mandolin and guitar. The two little ones!cute flower girlTo see all of the photos, go to my site, and click client galleries, Julie and Mike's Wedding. Clicking on the four little squares on the lower right hand side make navigation easier.
Also, I want to thank Krista K for being a wonderful second shooter. She was perfect and helpful - and got amazing shots! Thank you darling!