guess who got married?

Dan just changed his Facebook status to Married - so, with that, I have an announcement to make:
  • 1 year after Facebook suggested I "friend" Dan
  • 7 months after he flew from Oregon to NC to see me
  • 15 years after we last spoke
  • 20 years after our first kiss, and
  • 22 years since I attended Dawn's church so that I could see Dan(ny) on a weekly basis...
Dan and I eloped on December 1, 2009. Can you believe that?
It is true! And to celebrate with all our NC family and friends in big southern style, we will be having 2 receptions in North Carolina in the fall. For Wilkes folks, a lunch reception with some fiddle playing, knee slapping fun-for-all will be held for us on Sunday September 12. For our friends on the east side of the state, we are hosting a dinner on Saturday October 16. Formal invites will follow, as soon as I design something fabulous!

Much Love, Facebook!

It has been a really good year.