My future (photography & the book)

I have found the coolest thing to help me refocus my photography business: the right-brain business plan. It is perfect for artsy types like me. The e-book has an audio guided visualizations, which I completed TWICE last night!

First, I focused on my work in 2 years. I saw a red barn behind my new imaginary house in Ohio. The interior featured several 'stalls' with studio lights dropping from the ceiling and one closed off room with a huge computer monitor where I sold portrait prints. The front area was open and light with a row of large photographs on the wall. there were 2 colorful couches and a variety of tea and biscotti in a clever barlike area. The yard had beautiful gardens with benches and two little bridges going over a stream and pond - all perfect for portraits. AND bamboo. Does bamboo even grow in Ohio?

Next, I guided myself through the 'business' of the book that I have been writing since April (mine and Dan's 20 year reconnected love story). I picked next spring as my timeframe; just after the book has been published (which in hindsight is optimistic and naive). When visualizing my perfect working environment, I saw a skinnier version of myself writing in a cozy nook off of the master bedroom. I am working on book 2 in a wingback lit by a vintage lamp. There is one  row of books and a window behind me. On the other side of the door there is a built-in desk with a laptop and a small fridge. The master was big and bright and had a tall bed decked out in fluffy white - so high we would have to climb into it.

To recap, In a little over a year, I dream of being:

writing in a comfy reading room
in my new house
with a gigantic bedroom
and a red barn
and evidently every room will have refreshments

So tell me, what does YOUR dream work environment look like?

The next part of the business plan provides exercises to help me map out how to get to my dream future! I will keep you informed of my progress (and may even show you the drawn, colored, stickered plan once it is complete! If you want to try it for yourself, here is the link to the 6 week online course and the E-Book I purchased: