vacation get-away (destination wedding)

Now that I have finished editing my January wedding photos, I had the time to post a few of my Rincon, Puerto Rico "vacation" photos. It is one of the reasons I like destination weddings so much. I work for 1-2 days, and then lay like brocolli for 3-4 days. This sunset and boat passed us by while dining outdoors with Dan, Jaimie, Josh and William. Spectacular.

Even in January, there were flowers everywhere. And we had a coconut tree in our backyard. Dan tried his best to crack one on a chunk of cinderblock. Which was funny.

There were also dozens of tiny brown lizards, on trees, in the outdoor shower, near the pool, and not so tiny green ones, like this one that found its home inside the house, behind a piece of art.

The cows in Puerto Rico were skinny and different than in NC and OR. Some were brahmas, which have enormous humps on their backs. All of the cows roamed in big fields, often with other kinds of animals. I have never seen a cow within the woods, which is probably why I like this photo so much.