gallon of glue vs. barbie bus

Scrapbooking is one of those things that (as an Adult) I do not want to actually DO, but I love all the stuff (it is like going back-to-school shopping). JoAnns or Michaels can sap hours out of my life - I enjoy aisles of stickers, glitter pens, ribbon, rainbows of markers, cardboard lettering and all those fancy papers. Especially the papers. As a kid, I made stuff. My mom (who worked at Lowe's for years) brought home wallpaper sample books and I would make cards and drawings out of them.
One Christmas I was given a coveted Barbie bus from Santa and a GALLON of glue from my Aunt Kate. (she was my favorite aunt because her gifts were always the BEST. I loved the school locker answering machine almost as much as the Glue)... Well, guess which present got the most action? the glue, no doubt. Armed with glitter, newspaper, magazines and wallpaper, I was a decorating, card making fool. I remember my mom phoning my grandparents to report my out-of-whack priorities.
As an adult, I do not do any scrapbooking, but I love other people's creations. My client Tricia let me photograph her newest book, featuring portraits I took of her family last fall.I love the details of this beautiful scrapbook. The red and white string. The flowers. The button and pin below.
I must have been before my time, before the rage of scrapbooking. I used newspaper and the comics too. Here, I love the blue of the background paper against the newspaper heart.
Man. I love this stuff. This red pin is So cute jutting out from behind the flower and blue ribbon.THANK YOU Tricia for sharing your beautiful work! PS. you can find Tricia at It helps that she owns a scrapbooking company.