sibling photographer

I got crazy dirty photographing this brother and sister. I laid in the grass with them; rolled over ants and grub worms. I sat in century old mulch and went home with the nasty dirty pants to prove it. But to get this point of view in a photograph, YOU absolutely HAVE to lay on the ground. Siblings tell me all sorts of stories. Almost every time, I get the facts about who one this or that better their sister/brother. It makes me miss my older brother (just a little). I always wanted to be better than him. I love the shot below. These two get along SO WELL.
Granted, if my brother and I were getting a family photo, I would worry to death what he might tell the photographer, because he is even more outspoken than me (hard to believe, I know). And, we pick on each other too much to get a sweet photo like this: I am in a phase right now with swing sets. I want to photograph every kid swinging, having a good time being a KID. Love the sun rays coming through the pines in this one.