yellowstone honeymoon (finally)

Dan and I took a road trip to beautiful Yellowstone last week. We drove from Oregon, through Washington, Idaho and ended in Wyoming. We saw antelope on our first day. Inside Yellowstone National Park, I photographed elk and bison (with babies) just laying by the river. I also spotted a beaver and an eagle, on day two. I wanted to see the waterfalls, the crazy (smelly) geysers and the aspen trees that Ansel Adams took up such a love for. It was clean, beautiful and all those animals running free made me feel happy. Although it was a TON of time in a truck.
Dan was so nice to me and drove the entire time so that I could photograph everything. And just look. I felt a bit like a child because I got so excited that I screamed, and said "oh my god, dan, look at THAT!" about eighty times too many. We kidded about writing country-western songs about the range, or a ballad about a girl and her long lost love - but we were tired and overstimulated by the time we got to the hotel each night.
The park ranger who took our money in exchange for a map and a smile, let me take her picture. It was in true honeymoon/tourist fashion. Silly, but fun! Her name is Debbie!