me, 2 kids & a ukulele

danielle anthony photography, child photographerI am at home today (still in pajamas, past noon, I admit), editing a recent photo shoot. Drinking coffee from my Yellowstone Park coffee mug (Dan bought it for me on our honeymoon) AND flipping between HGTV and the DYI Network - I love watching decorating shows while I work. How did I live this long without a laptop? For 4 years I edited photos in AN OFFICE. danielle photographing young musiciansSo, the kids from this session, are musicians. Little miss G, plays the "small guitar" (a ukulele technically, but she corrected me when I commented on its coolness, and told me it was a guitar) and Mr. N can seriously rock out the "big guitar". The photo above is me taking the photo below!musiciansIf you didn't know, I am in a phase now, where I LOVE taking photos of kids playing music. Instruments are cool. These photos were taken at a park with a train, tons of swings, slides, a lake, a rose garden and some very strange dinosaur bones (that are up to 5 feet high, very odd, but the kids love 'em). Here is a fairly traditional photograph of the siblings inside the bones. Very cool.happy kids