a happy windy accident.

tandem love. with balloons.Tara Rodden Robinson, also known as The Productivity Maven, was the first person I met in Corvallis (she hired me to do headshots for her latest book). Our love of Indian food, the south, our scientist husbands and writing, we became instant friends. I wanted to do a shoot with a twofer bicycle and balloons and Tara loved the idea. So.
She found the bicycle. And I found the most delicious RED balloons. HEARTS. Eight of them. In the photo above, the wind made the balloons bang Douglas on top of his head, which Tara and I found hilarious, so I just LOVE the shot. It is a dang Hallmark card. A happy, art, fun, cheery card where the interior might say, "don't you wish your life was this awesome"?Me and DanBeing friends meant that I could hand Tara my 5D, and get this yummy shot of me and Dan. After my "seventies" processing and editing, and some serious contemplation as to why I stood in front of him (instead of hiding my big ole ass behind him) here is the result. I love it. It is sweet and charming and happy. Just like a photo/portrait should be.