next chapter, Athens, Ohio

Right now I am sitting in a well worn burgundy wingback chair, in the library (using their wifi) and looking out over a lovely stream and park. Ohio is VERY different than Oregon and North Carolina. Athens is a super small college town with one grocery store, a crapload of students, beautiful trees and no trace of a mall. The smallness of it means I am once again experiencing culture shock. Searching for locally supported restaurants, we found a bakery with possibly the best peach scone I have ever tasted. We celebrated my birthday last night at Casa Nueva which serves Dan's favorte food: burritos. I ate their vegetarian enchalada, made with beets and tofu. Sounds gross, I know. But it was delicious. I drank a blueberry martini that was so strong and delicious, it made me forget that I am officially one year closer to 40.martiniWe are settling in to our super weird/old rental house. The house is one street off the main drag and we are surrounded by pavement and students. Other people park in front of our house (which freaks Dan out). A few things make the house weird. First, there is an upstairs (with a pea green sink, tub and toilet), but to get to it, you have to walk through the master bedroom. The master bathroom 'features' pink tile and is completely carpeted. I do love the kitchen with its awesomely retro countertops. It is so awful that I actually love it. Here is a close up of the oven clock. I love that funky "time signal" typeface. Orange and brown are just the best color combination.
retro clock, wall ovenProfessionally, Athens might be a challenge, although, I booked a photo session my first day in town - which made me feel 'normal'. I have plenty of work to do, including a wedding with more than 1500 photos to edit, two Oregon sessions, plus the session from yesterday. To get my name out, next week, I plan on contacting all the ob/gyns, schools, moms groups and anyone else who might want or need me. I am sure they all want to know, Danielle Anthony lives in Athens Ohio now and is totally willing to be the most awesome photographer ever. Yeah. There, I said it.

Although moving is exciting, living in 3 states in 2 years is a whole lot of change. I had grown used to North Carolina, since I have lived there since 1993. My house was only 5 minutes from the biggest mall and Target, 4 grocery stores, and there were plenty of options for anything I wanted to buy. Corvallis, Oregon was a huge shift. I grew to love it. The community supports local farmers and makers. The farmers market and taking care of the planet are incredibly important. People recycle everything. I miss Oregon already (especially our favorite tiny bar, Downward Dog, which had the most yummy blackberry martini ever).

I am ready to put down some roots and stay put for a while. Marvin certainly does not enjoy traveling - look at him here trying to climb into the nook under the window.
I will write more asap. I promise.