gymnastics friends!

Many, MANY years ago, I was a happy little gymnast in Wilkesboro, NC. One of my teammates was Elizabeth, who turned out to be an INCREDIBLE woman. I re-met Elizabeth (although I think everyone except me calls her Liz) at a bar in Chapel Hill, three years ago. She had gone to UNC and was back visiting family, and I was just off of work, playing pool with some friends. She looked SO familiar, so I turned to her and asked 'did you take gymnastics as a kid?' and she said "oh my god, DANNNNNNNieeeeeeeeelllllllllllleeeeeee?' and i am not sure who made the higher-pitched louder girl shriek. It was awesome. We talked forever. We drank Margaritas. (ok, I drank margaritas, she drank beer). Fast forward three years. She hired me to photograph her kids.
All three of these kids were polite AND yet quite cool. They were willing to get photographed where ever I asked. They made sure that I did not get hit by a car, standing in the middle of the road to take the first shot of the 4 of them. I loved them for that. And I loved Liz for hiring me, for catching up, and for being awesome. THANK You Liz. For being such a great mom and a wonderful old friend.