Guess who is having a baby!

I am pregnant!!! After a year of practice, Dan and I have successfully created a multicellular organism that is currently located on top of my bladder. Jumping up and down on it. This little creature has been giving me gastrointestinal fits since Thanksgiving, allowing me to spend much of the holidays in the can. We are so happy; it has been incredibly hard to keep quiet with our big baby news (I have known for seven weeks) and it seems to be on my mind all the time. I want everyone on facebook to know that I have eaten four bags of oranges, and lucky charms and powdered donuts are now my go to anti-nausea craving. It is kinda crazy, to be this baby photographer for years and years to FINALLY re-find the love of my life and get pregnant. I feel so lucky and calm and content.
The photo below is funny. Dan did his best to get a good view of my protrusion - while I was trying to NOT look rigid and posed (I often tell people to exhale out their stiffness when I am doing their portrait - typically, it makes the image appear more natural). But, even though my facial expression is wonky, I think my hair looks wonderful!
I am due the first week of August. I hope Ohio is not super hot. I hate HOT. and we have a charming older bungalow with no central air conditioning. I am going to continue to work, doing portraits in NC and Ohio up until the day I deliver. BUT I will not schedule any weddings from July 15-Sept 1. I want plenty of time to love on our little baby!
So there it is. Dan and I are going to be a family of three in less than 8 months. Yayyyyyy for us.