More Gymnastics Buddies

I have alot to say about my most recent family portrait session with my friend Melissa. Melissa, was one of my most fierce gymnastics competitors (when we were 12). She was known for being tiny and cute and having perfect form in floor and beam. AND she was crazy flexible. Her splits were flawless. Her shoulder flexibility was FAR more than ANYONE else's in our gym. One of my memories is her laying on her stomach and bending her back over her head so far that her bottom touched her hair. NUTS. And this of course, made me crazy jealous.And, she was nice. I mean, NICE to the core: friendly and positive and kind.
And this is the type of mom and wife she is. I am so proud of people that I knew as pre-teens, who turn out to be professional, good to the earth, kind hearted and loving. Not to be all sappy, but she is still amazing. I admire the type of mom she is. I hope she doesn't mind if I call and ask parenting questions once my little boy gets here!
And this is her awesome son, who was so cute and active and elusive. He wasn't super duper into me taking his photo, but I did manage to get some photographs of his sweet smile.And here is the dad. He is an avid gardener. Their yard was so amazing and I wanted to actually steal some of their yard statues.