purple house yard.

It has finally stopped raining long enough to get some yard work done, here in Athens. Dan has been working like mad in back yard preparing the garden, cutting grass every three days (the unfortunate side effect of fertilizing), trying to identify what is a plant/flower and what is a weed. WEEDING. mulching. etc. Here are a few of our plants.
Today, Dan planted cucumbers, 2 kinds of basil, 3 kinds of tomatoes AND cherry tomatoes. Combined with our lettuce, onions and garlic, I am feeling some seriously good salad and pizza happening in a few months! And I should document/photograph our first serious garden.
my favorite! a purple bearded iris with a yellow center. With morning dew. These were a gift from Carol, my mom-in-law and I adore them!The bird feeder above was left in our yard and I love it. I need to photograph the two we received for Christmas.