mother's day

here I am at 9 months, being a ham, my mom took the photo 36ish years ago!Today, I'm 28 weeks pregnant. A mother to a baby boy who is living and growing inside me. I've been off bed rest for 5 days and feel SO much better working and gardening. Baby W prefers to hang out on my left side and his rump is directly to the left of my belly button (which has almost poked out). He moves probably 40 times a day and I feel like I have a small alien exploring my insides, often too close to my bladder. I can almost tell what is a foot, elbow, knee (based on the shape of my stomach). I am thinking he must be larger than what he should measure at 28 weeks: 2.9 pounds and 15.4 inches long. That's 4.5 inches longer than the tall side of a piece of paper. It is nuts that something that elongated is growing inside me. My mom says I was only 17.5 inches long and 5.5 lbs when I was BORN. So, it's quite possible Baby W is already over half as large as what he will be when he's born. Which is so exciting!
I do feel like a MOTHER already. A really caring awesome mother. One who takes care of her baby and loves it unconditionally. One who LIKES her baby as well as loves it. No matter how much he is kicking me and making me hurry to the bathroom. I am loving getting books together for him, planning how we will read to him at night. Planning what his room will look like both in the beginning and when he moves to a toddler bed. I have registered in three places and am so excited for my baby showers (one of which is just a book shower!).

On a side note, I met at least a hundred new families yesterday at the baby fair here in Athens. I was thinking how warm my heart feels when I see how much happy parents LIKE their children. Meaning, genuinely like the company of their kids. They laugh at their jokes. They really listen. You can see joy in their faces. I think some humans are just more capable of unconditional love (love without judgement) than others. I long to be that kind of parent. Loving. Encouraging. Non-judgemental. Kind.

As my body grows in girth and weight, I am getting more excited to meet baby W. In less than 3 months, I will get to snuggle my SON. My son. My son. I just cannot wait to smooch his little lips and cheeks and ears and toes. Because in less than 3 months, I will be a mother. What a happy day it will be!