you can have a book like this

Check out my newest printed baby book - that I love so much. THICK pages, gorgeously printed and whimsically designed. I am already planning what kinds of photographs I need so that I can make one of our boy after he arrives!Look at Dan, my handsome hand model! He was busy cooking dinner and stopped to hold up the book for me.
I love these illustrations - they are just gorgeous. I bought the design/illustrations for the book from another photographer/designer, but all of the photographs are mine. This is a typical family portrait session, featuring a 5 month old little girl - and I just adore it.
Notice how thick the pages are. This is only a ten page book but the custom cover and thickness make it feel SUPER substantial. Since this was a promotional book for my business, my website url and company tagline are featured under the sun, on the back cover. Very cute.