78 S May Ave FOR SALE

update: we accepted an offer the FIRST day the house was on the market. Yay! We know that the new owners will LOVE it. But we wonder, will they keep the mural of horses? hmmmm?The purple bungalow is now on the market - perfect for another couple/family or swingin bachelor. After the months of painting, cleaning, fixing, & all of the sweat/elbow grease to get this home the way we love it, we are moving back to North Carolina.
The living room is the front room in the house. We painted all the walls & ceiling. They were a icky smoke stain yellow and now two walls are off white, & the others are grey/purple. It is subtle.
The view from the front door is on the left below, and is open through to the dining room (right) and the kitchen. I think the inside of the house is really pretty, especially now that the dining area is a happy olive green. Dan and I never found a dining table we loved for the space, so for us, it was just an office.The master bedroom - with the original pale blue paint. I recently got us a happy quilt set that matched with the wall color. The bright bedding makes me wonder why I lived SO many years with drab ass brown bedding.Here is the second bedroom. The wallpaper is GONE, and I love LOVE the new color. It is a grey, but sometimes looks blue, and sometimes looks green (kinda like hazel eyes). The white trim and the hardwood floors, makes it perfect. I may use it again in our new home. (The twin bed photographed way more bright lime than it is in real life).And, ah, the red retro kitchen. Which we have LOVED. It has been the home of many a cheesecake, apple crisp, lemon cake, kale lasagna, veggie chili and pesto pizza. Dan is the cook, I am the baker.
The bathroom and our awesome owl shower curtain. We replaced both faucets, shower head, seriously cleaned all nooks/crannies, & painted the walls & ceiling off white. I wanted to replace the floors with a black and white basket weave tile. But we ran out of time.
And our beloved back yard - with the four horse mural. We have a kick ass vegetable garden with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, peppers and basil, all for someone else to reap! I need a photo of the garden, but by the time I realized I needed one for the blog, it began to POUR. SO, this shot is from this spring. I will link to realtor.com as soon as my realtor sends it my way. The purple bungalow costs $134,500 firm.