Home: Dan and I are moved into our rental home in Durham. It's ok. Definitely not the purple house with regards to charm or space. It is white, has old carpet, ugly fixtures, and no yard space of our own (which blows for Marvin). On the upside, it DOES have 2 bathrooms, dishwasher, AND a garbage disposal. I had forgotten how luxurious having a dishwasher can feel.
Nursery: My friend Joanna visited from Charlotte on Tuesday and Wednesday and helped me get ready for the baby. She sewed a crib bumper (with fantastic aqua blue rick rack) and skirt (with orange pom pom trim which I love SO much) and picked out green striped sheets for the bed. LOVE. She made curtains and a pillow from my quirky owl/tree shower curtain. She unpacked all the newborn to 6 month clothes and neatly organized the closet. Dan assembled the crib (after an incredible amount of talking to himself and cursing, making tools from scratch and beer ingestion) while I pointed and directed.
There are several things about the nursery that I love: First, it doesn't scream any particular theme. There are owls, deer and trees, but nothing tooooo BABY. Second, without painting walls, I still got the colors I wanted: aqua, orange and green with touches of dark brown. I would still love for the back wall to magically be painted aqua. Third, the bird mobile Joanna made me, hanging over the changing area. Handmade with love. Joanna is the best of best friends. And that white whippet? Need I say more?
The curtains made from my old shower curtain. LOVE!!! Note the puppet on the end of the bed.The crates - These held decorations at our wedding; I love repurposing them!
AND, Joanna is solely responsible for finding this awesome painting. Deer with tube socks (We hung it so it could be seen from the living room).
I adore my grandmother's orange quilt. It's made from my grandfather's clothes.
37 weeks pregnant: I spent Thursday in the hospital (high blood pressure + horrible headache made the OBs worry I was pre-eclamptic, which turns out, I am not) and was put on complete bed rest. Friday and Saturday around 3:30 am, I awoke to steady painful contractions, that were 15-20 minutes apart for 3 hours. But after getting up each morning, they amounted to NOTHING. Which was confusing because both nights I thought, well, here we go, LABOR. But, no. Bedrest is working for me. The swelling is less grotesque and although I am tired and sleeping odd hours, I am accepting visits from old friends - especially with food delivery.