My monday.

It's been a rough Monday.
1. We had no heat in our craptacular rental last night, & the house got down to 60. BRRR. I feel really sorry for people who never have heat, because even after I put a toboggan, sweat pants and socks on baby Winston, he still had cold hands and cheeks. I hope our heat gets fixed soon. I prefer to
2. Winston hadn't pooped for 2 days, until this morning, while I was feeding him. This poop (my friend Evelyn calls them Assplosions...) happened so quickly that by they time I could change his diaper, this is what I saw...Oh yeah, that my friends, is an ASS.plo.sion. That is green slimey poop. Up Winston's back. Y.U.C.K. So, he got a bath. PRONTO. This bath took a LONG time to wash and rinse off the nasty. And smelly. But alas, I got baby W dried off and re-diapered and dressed. He didn't approve of the whole process. I, however, approve of clean, cute baby W. Especially in this sweet camo outfit my Mom sent me yesterday!
Happy Monday.