lots of love, nose crinkles

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I finally am allowed to post my most favorite family photo from this fall (photographed inside Tanglewood). My eye goes right to Johnny's expression (the dad) and the little girl looking at the camera (me). Nicole (the mom) had just smooched her cheek! I love that HUGE brown hair bow.
I love this one too, the interaction between the parents and children, the super smile on the baby's face, the color of Nicole's sweater, the orange in the tree on the right, the fence. I just love it.
Here is one of the Christmas cards I designed for my clients - this yellow/green is my new favorite color.And every kid needs a photo of themselves in a little red wagon. And this little man was so smoochy and giggly and delicious, he fit perfectly.
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She loves her baby brother so much, she nearly squeezed the snot out of him. Look how crinkled up her little nose is!!! And look at this photo of her mom and Dad who still have serious love and affection for each other. (mom's nose crinkles too!)