back-up your photos!

Here's a little helpful advice from Aunt Danielle: if you have digital photographs that you would like to see again, print, provide to a paying client, email to your momma, etc, back them up!
Danielle-is-willing-to-tell-you-about-it, example one: Joanna, my dear friend, wrote me asking to purchase the rooster photo from my recent farm trip. "Of course", I said, until I realized that I never backed up the photos and had already formatted my Compact Flash card since I have been shooting so much (I have eight cards, ranging from 1GB to 4GB, but, evidently eight is NOT enough).
Danielle-mom-wishes-she-weren't-so-busy, example two: I took photographs of my parents gorgeous dog, Mandy, which weren't too artsy, because my parents are not-so-much the artsy kind, and they loved them. A few were on the porch, a few in the yard, very cute. Yes, they are gone. Didn't back them up.
Danielle-gets-compact-flash-stuck-in-brand-new-digital-picture-viewer, example three: Halfway through my Darling-licious photoshoot (below) I get the wize idea to show Abby's parents her photos on my flashy new 11-inch digital photo frame. I think to myself, "you should back-up the images first" but instead of going with said instinct, I stick the CF card way too far in, get it stuck, curse silently, get another CF card and keep shooting. Luckily, David at Wolf Camera (at 54 Southpoint Crossing) unscrewed the whole thing into many many pieces, and retrieved my card. WWWWWHEW, thank GOD. So, Here are a few of the images:
cherry blossoms
happy pumpkin eater
sitting pretty
beautiful mom