danielle's outfit tips

Before a photo session almost most every mom asks me how to dress their child. My basic answer is, dress them to reflect their personality. They are kids, not adults interviewing for a job. The big trend is to do khaki and white, or bluejeans, and I think that is appropriate in group shots (so it wont look all wonky and distracting). But for kid shots, dress them in the cutest, most colorful, awesome outfits that you have. Here are some examples of baby Bennett from the greensboro shoot (tragically cute). Check out his outfits:
cowboy shirt
blowing hair
fall colors
And a few more of my favorites of Walker. I love the adorable shots with the princess sunglasses. Walker told me they made her look "pretty", so we did it. And I am really glad.
I love love love a dress over jeans, so much fun, notice the matching headband.

I am throwing in this shot because it was taken on a random old green truck, just to show that a shot can be cool, even if it is taken in an unusual place. We had so much fun trouncing around greensboro that day. I am totally ready to do it again.