food photography

This weekend was awesome! I shot birthday parties for 2 magazines - and it was rather fun. I am most happy with the images of the food especially due to my new Canon 85mm 1.8 lens.bit o honey

My friend Joanna asked me how to create these images where the stuff in the front is in focus and the the back is blurry. It is called Depth of Field and happens when your aperture is a small number and the focus is at the front. This shot is 2.5 so the food at the end of the tray is nice and blown out. Magazines typically like food to be shot like this.

little bread love
hungry?Also, I finally framed my 20x30 black and white photograph print titled "patiently waiting" of the young couple kissing on a path at Duke Gardens. My halls are a light tan, but the end walls are this luscious red. The image fits JUST right!patiently waiting